is a website for gamers made by a gamer who knows how important comfort is during long gaming sessions.

I’m Yesh, the owner of CozyGaming. I’ve been a fan of online games since I was 12, particularly MOBAs such as DoTA and LoL. I’ve also played MMORPGs such as Ran Online and Dragon Nest. Although I’m past the my gaming prime – I can’t sit grind solo queue as much as I want to anymore because I get tired after 3 games – I play the occasional normal or ranked game. I’m a full-time blogger now and MyComputerGamingChair is a passionate hobby of mine.

Why did I start MyComputerGamingChair?

You see, I have scoliosis of the lower back so sitting for long hours (whether it’s work or play) really takes its toll on my back. I had a plastic stool as my office chair for 3 years – it’s one heck of a sturdy stool and got every single bang for my buck…but my back received the brunt end of the deal. Since then I started searching for an ergonomic office chair but I also stumbled upon gaming and/or office chairs such as  Boss Office Products and DXRacer.

I realized that ergonomic chairs are, well…really ergonomic. Since then, I’ve always encouraged gamers (scoliotic or not) to observe proper posture and look for ergonomic seats while gaming.

I plan to write a lot of product reviews as well as provide up-to-date gaming health stuff. I’ve a lot planned for this site and it will definitely grow.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. Cheers!