Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review

Boss Black Leather Executive Chair Review

A chair is something that enjoys maximum usage in the home—and in this day and age where many of us do our work or distress online, we spend a lot of time in front of the computer playing games, shopping or submitting research. With all those hours sitting before the PC, getting a quality chair is definitely worth it. A well-designed chair will offer proper support that will keep your back free of aches, hold your weight with ease, and have cozy cushioning yet possess a sturdy frame—that’s where the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair comes in. It’s a real winner with buyers for many reasons. Check out its amazing features!

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair


Super-Comfy Ergonomic Design

tilt tension control

Coziness is the top priority here, and this Executive Chair has the lumbar support that you need, making even 10 hours before the computer utterly comfortable. There are soft cushions for your back and rear, and this support extends even to your head with the headrest. All you have to do is ensure the top of the gas lift is fully inserted into the receptacle of the mechanism, and you’re good to go! Apply moderate pressure to the seat cushion to ensure the chair stays rigid enough to still offer you the steady, functional furniture you need. No more lower back pain!

Additionally, the waterfall design of the chair legs ensures no leg fatigue, so your weight is spread out evenly—and this baby can take on up to 250 pounds! The actual seat base to the top of the headrest is 27 inches, but the height adjustment feature also makes sure that no matter how tall or short you are, you will still get the same level of support.

Adjustable Tilt Tension Control

Even your feet and lower body will get a break thanks to the adjustable tilt tension control. Apart from being able to maintain an upright position for the chair thanks to a secure locking mechanism, if you want to recline while working, this chair can be tilted up to 45 degrees—its frame can handle the pressure and make sure you don’t fall out!

Easy To Assemble, Easy To Maintain


If you’re tired of going through a manual that has a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, and dealing with a gazillion tiny parts, this chair is right for you! This chair is easy to assemble and requires no other tools to put together—so you won’t be left scratching your head wondering where all those nuts and bolts go!

On top of this, the cover is made of LeatherSoft, and requires only a wee bit of mild soap and some water to make it look as good as new again. Low maintenance, yet high quality!

LeatherSoft—Soft, Long-Lasting Even With Minimal Care

We’ve heard the merits of leather versus fabric, fabric versus polyurethane for ages now. Sometimes people are willing to sacrifice ease of cleaning for a lower price, or a more professional look to their PC chair. But LeatherSoft, an amazing new material which consists of leather scraps bonded with polyurethane, means that you have the elegance and sophistication of leather, but the minimal fuss and lack of odor retention that you can get with polyurethane. Because of this material, dealing with food stains, drink spills or even small scratches are easier to remove.

Though LeatherSoft is not as tough as your average leather cover, it is free of the smell that normally plagues such material, and is a lot easier to take care of, so with proper use and care, damage shouldn’t even be an issue with this durable gaming chair.

No Pain For Your Back Or Your Wallet!

Practical, aesthetically pleasing, and corrective for your posture, the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair should be right up the alley of any person looking for a comfortable seating experience. Your late-night work should go by like a breeze with the level of ergonomic support that it offers. Why lose any of the benefits of a good chair to save money, when you can easily opt for this reasonably-priced model that has everything you need, and anticipates whatever function is required? This chair would definitely make a wonderful addition to any home.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

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