DXRacer Chairs

If you’re going to spend the entire afternoon (or day) raising stats and crushing the enemy team, pick a throne that meets your standards.

The best part about buying a DXRacer chair is that this brand has several series to choose from—from the thickness and softness of your chair seat to its size and type of headrest, you’ll be able to find one to suit your preferences perfectly. Scroll down and have a peek at what these different series can offer you! After all, why settle for any old seat, when you can find one that combines functionality and comfort to keep you cozy all day, all night?

This article will help you find the DXRacer chair that meets your preferences as well as suit your height and weight perfectly.

Who Uses DXRacer Chairs?

Esports Organizations

Before we dive right in to the good stuff, let’s see who uses DXRacers chairs first.

First off, we have team Fnatic, one of the oldest and most established esports team in Europe. As a League of Legends player, I’m a fan of Fnatic’s previous mid laner, Enrique “xPeke” Martinez who has a legendary in-game move named after him. As you can see on the image below, DXRacer is in partnership with the organization and they even have Fnatic-themed gaming chairs. Sweet!
fnatic dxracer

Other esports organizations include the following. They might ring a bell or two (LOL):

esports organizations

Gaming Enthusiasts From Reddit

Next we have some testimonials from r/gamingpc. As a summary, they feel that DXRacer is a “yay”. And do take note 5’8″ gamers – the F series is the perfect DXRacer chair for you.

gamingpc subredditFinally, we have a batch of testimonials from another subreddit, r/GlobalOffensive. As they say, they “f*cking LOOOOOOOVE” their DXRacers.

CS:GO Reddit

The Different Series

Depending on what you’re looking for, any DXRacer chair from the D, F, I, K, M, or R series may be the one for you. The Drifting or D series combines a medium seat and body size with soft surfaces and seat density. The Formula or F series chair, while similar in make to the D series, offers a wider variety of models and styles—up to 40 kinds for the most discerning buyer. Both the D and F series have a weight capacity up to 265 lbs.

dxracer chairs

The Iron (I) series and King (K) series are the larger DXRacer chair varieties that come with stronger frame types and wider bodies—they’re the biggest among the DXRacer chair kinds, and both can bear a maximum of 400 lbs—allowing for a more relaxing gaming experience that won’t have you getting up all the time to adjust your posture. With moderate-textured seat surfaces, but soft seat densities, these models are for those who want a little less cushiness but the same reliable support of DXRacer chairs. The I series comes in 6 different models and 8 colors, whilst the K series has a much wider range of 12 models.

Want a harder-backed chair with similar capacity and comparable comfort? The Max (M) series can bear up to 330 lbs, while having the same width and seat size as the I and K series—combining these stronger surfaces with much denser seats. Several M series models have wheels that can be individually locked, for those who want to keep their DXRacer chair from moving.


Common Features Among The Series

dxracer tilt

Although each model has something that sets it apart from the pack, every DXRacer chair comes with a set of qualities that make for a more comfortable gaming experience, no matter which one you decide to take home. DXRacer chairs all have a footrest shaped base which allows you to rest your feet comfortably on it.

Want to lie back, or sit at a precise angle? All DXRacer chairs have 12 adjustable tilt positions which allow you to lay the back of the seat up to 170°–talk about versatility! The height of each can be changed by using the specially designed handle, allowing you to adjust your chair height with minimal force and fuss.

The best part? All of them have an ergonomic design which will allow you to spend long hours in absolute comfort, making DXRacer chairs durable and delightful for a leisurely day at home. Here’s the complete list of common features:

  • Matching lumbar and headrest cushion colors
  • Adjustable armrests except for the fixed type
  • 12 adjustable tilt positions
  • Adjustable height
  • Support up to 265lbs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, 2 year warranty on parts, and 1 year for accessories
  • Free shipping in USA and Canada

Anatomy of a DXRacer Chair

DXRacer chairs are jam-packed with bells and whistles that will keep you on your best gaming form. From easy-to-reach height adjustable levers, to 12-position tilt options, DXRacer chairs have them all. Don’t believe me? Here’s an image showing you typical features that can be found on a DXRacer chair.

anatomy of a dxracer

PU, PVC, or Fabric Cover?

chair covering

Fabric covers are cheaper and consistently stay at room temperature, and are more resistant to animal scratching in case you have a pet at home. It’s also easier to clean. If owning a pet is not an issue, you can choose from polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—PU has a more sophisticated leather finish and feel, while PVC is more durable than PU. Both PU and PVC are waterproof and easy to clean, and are not as likely as fabric covers to retain smoke odors or food and drink stains.

Our recommendations:

  • Choose fabric if you have pets or if you’re looking for a budget DXRacer chair.
  • Choose polyurethane (PU) if you like to eat and drink while gaming.
  • Choose Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) if you’re looking for a long term investment (3 years or more).

Nylon Base and Aluminum Base

dxracer base

The aluminum base on the left has a shiny finish and comes in silver or black. The one on the right is a nylon base and comes only in black with a matte finish. The model you choose from each series may come with a nylon or aluminum base—so whether you want a matte or a shiny finish, it’s up to your aesthetic preference, as both still have the same rotatability and footstool base.

Difference Between Armrests

Depending on your gaming style, you may prefer a greater or lesser degree of flexibility in your armrest. The D and F series come in either fixed or adjustable armrests that have a bit of lift, both with soft surfaces. The M and R series have newly-adjustable armrests, which feature polygon-shaped grips that go up to 180°. The I, K and some M series models come with 5 directions armrests that move in all four directions and provide the same softness and angle adjustability.

dxracer armrests

Fixed armrests are only available in some D and F Series while height-adjustable armrests (upper right icon) can be found in some D and F Series too. The third armrest on the bottom left is available in the M and R Series. It has an adjustable height and you can even change the tilt angle up to 180 degrees. The last type of armrest is the most adjustable of all – not only does it have both height-adjustable and 180-degree tilt feature, but its surface can also be adjusted in 4 directions (forward, backward, left, and right). You can find this ultra versatile armrest in the I, K, and M Series.

Two types of Headrest Cushions


All DXRacer chairs come with color-coordinated cushions and headrests that will allow you to avoid those pesky neck and back aches that come from sitting for several hours. The first cushion type for the D, F, I and R series is in your traditional pillow shape, while the M and U series come in molded cushion types that conform to your resting head—the choice is yours.

Recommended DXRChairs For Each Series

It’s not easy to find a cozy seat that will suit your PC use best—whether you’re a graphics designer spending long hours on sketches, or a gamer going for an all-night marathon with online buddies, you need something that will make that large chunk of time easier on your body. Fortunately, DX Racer has several DXRacer chair lines that have a variety of features you can choose from, so no matter what you need, there will be a seat that is just right for you! Here’s a sneak peak at five of DX Racer’s popular models.

The D Series: OH/DF51/NY

d series

This best-selling series is known for its mid-range seat and body size. It’s still quite strong despite the deceptively light-looking black aluminium frame, as it can bear up to 265 lbs. The ergonomic design has made it quite popular with the gaming community. Its soft seats, headrest cushion and equally soft seat density mean that you can use this DXRacer chair for those 24-hour sessions with little stress on your torso and the flexible armrests ensure wrist comfort. This series is also one of the most affordable under the DX Racer lines, so you won’t sacrifice quality for savings. Highly recommended!

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The D Series: OH/DF51/NY

The F Series: OH/FE00/NW ZERO

f series

Just as popular as the D Series, the F Series offers the same weight and lift support, but with a bigger body. For those who want a little more wiggle room or a sitting position that requires more seat space while they’re working, the F series is considered one of DX Racer’s XL variants, so there won’t be any trouble. The lever feature as well as the chair angle adjustment system combine for a more flexible experience that will even allow you to recline while you work, if so desired! Its extra-strong frame also means that even with these angle adjustments, your safety is ensured.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The F Series: OH/FE00/NW ZERO

The I Series: OH/IF166/NE

l series

One satisfied customer described this series in his online review as “flipping perfect…nuff said” which ironically speaks volumes for this heavy-duty seat that maximizes your PC experience. From the increased 400 lb capacity, down to the sophisticated black aluminium finish of the frame, the adjustable back and fully-rotational hand rests, this chair stands head and shoulders above your lowly spinning office seat. The polyurethane cover of the flexible cushions also means that there will be much easier cleaning and less unwanted odor retention. It also looks like Cell from Dragon Ball Z. Ease of use and comfort wrapped in one reasonable price for the willing buyer—what more could you ask for?

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The I Series:  OH/IF166/NE

The K Series: OH/KS06/NR

k series

Just as strong as the I series and comparable in terms of the weight it can bear thanks to its silver aluminium frame, the K series of the DX Racer chairs also has the fully-rotational hand rest feature, while possessing the greater seat space found in the F series—this makes it perfect even for sharing if you want a group gaming experience. No fabric covers for this sleek little series as well—the polyurethane’s increased durability also means crumbs just roll right off it, making it a great low-maintenance investment in your home and saving you the trouble of laundering.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The K Series: OH/KS06/NR

The R Series: OH/RF0/NR

r series

One of DX Racer’s most lightweight models, the R series is easy to move in and around your home, but can take on as much weight as the D series and is just as comfortable on your back and shoulders. The medium seat density, adjustable height and direction of the armrests and the standard 170° angle that comes with all DX Racer chairs means that this is a good choice for those who don’t want a huge chair but require the same level of control, flexibility and support of other DX Racer series, making it great for prolonged home use.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The R Series: OH/RF0/NR

Go Ham, Not Broke: Budget-Friendly DXRacer Chairs

Higher-end DXRacer chairs can cost up to $469, but there are chairs for less than $299 too – there’s a DXRacer chair made to suit every budget. Whether you have cash to burn or want something easier on your wallet, these chairs come in prices ranging from $279 to $469. You can check out some budget-friendly DXRacer chairs here.


In this day and age of disposability, trust that your DXRacer chair will be useful for years to come—after all, there’s a lifetime warranty on the frame, a two-year warranty on parts and a oneyear warranty for the accessories. No matter which model you choose, you will enjoy long periods to keep everything in working order.

Where Can You Buy a DXRacer Chair?

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