DXRacer R Series (OH/RF0/NR) Gaming Chair Review

DXRacer R Series Review

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The Ultimate Gaming Chair

We live in the fast lane. We race towards comfort and satisfaction. Hence comes DXRacer R Series Gaming Office Chair! If you just can’t get enough of the Formula Series, we give you the Racing Series. This remarkable design passed 72 strict quality tests that ensures a whooping two-year warranty to its users.

This ergonomic chair is a bigger, larger version of its equally comfortable counterpart. The bulky comfy high-density cold cure foam fitting assures that your back never gets strained even after an eight-hour sitting spree.

DXRacer R Series brags of its built and firmness because of the tubular aluminum steel frame and strong nylon material footrest-shaped base. It’s not only built like a tank, it also as tough as one. But that does not stop there.dx racer r-series

The R Series likewise possesses an awesome complete back pampering –guaranteed daily stress-free from neck to feet. Along with this chair are an integrated headrest and an adjustable lumbar support cushion for that ultra-sensitive lumbar spine. It also features an eight position armrest to protect your shoulder disk and your wrist. This highly user-friendly chair is full of ways to personalize with its 180-degree tilt mechanism.

With a 120 kg or 256 lbs maximum weight capacity, you’ll be dying to get on this baby for a go on life.


170-Degrees Tilt Mechanism

tilt mechanism

This should be the most awesome feature of the DXRacer R Series. It allows customization to suit the preferences of its user. Although it allows a 90-degree angle at the back for a comfy hip support, you can easily adjust it until 170 degrees. Its user can actually lower the chair’s back horizontally if a snooze is necessary. So for those who dream of a relaxing overtime, try the DXRacer R Series.

Multi-Customizable Armrest

adjustable armrests

The DXRacer R Series also features an adjustable armrest to secure the shoulders and wrists of its occupant. You can choose a desirable height to allow long-term elbow joint support for mouse controlling and handling. The 360-degree height and tilt adjustable feature protects the user from unnecessary upper limb fatigue. You can position the armrest any way you want to feel the comfort you’ve always been fancying of.

High Back Structure And Adjustable Aspect

r series measurements

Tired of the low back office chair that’s been straining your neck since being hired? Or, have you been thinking about getting your back and neck braced because of the distressing shoulder-length low back gaming chair you’re using? Don’t fret! This chair assures total office or gaming experience with its high back structure – 32.25 inches (81.92 cm) to be exact. It even has a higher back compared to the F-series.

Not only is this chair high back, it can also adjust to the physical make-up of your office. Is your office table too high? Installed with a height adjustable mechanism, you can pattern your DXRacer R-Series with your over-all office or gaming room structure.

Footrest Shaped Base

footrest-shaped base

Quality-wise, DXRacer R Series features include a sturdy 27-inch aluminum star-shaped base with a footrest figure design. This allows a total weight support to its occupant. And with its footrest shape base, you can find the comfort for your feet for a relaxing long-term usage.


Lumbar Cushions

To note, this is not a very, very serious disadvantage. We just want to point out that with the cold cure foam filling alone, the chair’s user can be assured of a comfy sitting experience. The lumbar cushion can be detached as it only adds to its bulkiness and is a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to having a pillow back there. But of course, it all boils down to its user. Put it on or take it off, it’s your call.

Height Adjustment

Well, it’s true that you can adjust the chair’s height but everything has limitations. If you’re about 6’2” or 6’3”, you’re assured of a well-adjusted seat. But if you’re taller, you’ll probably be the one doing a little adjusting to the chair’s height.


  1. 170-degree tilt mechanism
  2. 920 mm high and straight back
  3. Multi-customizable armrest with 360-degrees rotation and softpad cover
  4. Flexible and ergonomic seat design
  5. Integrated headrest
  6. 256 lbs/120 kg maximum weight capacity

Available Colors

Got an office color motif? Or perhaps you just want to pump up a cool gaming atmosphere? DXRacer offers a wide array of color choices for your personal needs. You can choose from: white, red, orange, green and blue.

Where To Buy The DXRACER Series

If you’re from the US or Canada, you can be assured of safe and quick delivery from Amazon. Our site is able to continue offering great reviews since we are part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program and we receive a small commission from Amazon without any extra cost to you if you go though our link to purchase your gaming chair. Thanks for the support.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The DX Racer Racing Series PC Gaming Chair

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