Ergohuman Mesh Chair Review

Ergohuman Mesh Chair Review

In a day and age where so many people spend most of their day sitting down, too many of us end up causing slow but devastating damage to our back. The trick is to pay attention for a change to the furniture you’re resting on. If your knees are a little too elevated, or you have to stretch out your feet frequently as you work, chances are you’re not working with a chair that’s flexible enough to meet your needs.

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This article is an Ergohuman chair review where we preset the chair’s features as well as its pros and cons.

What Is The Ergohuman Chair?

The Ergohuman office chair is a high-quality, high back chair with softly padded leather seats and strong mesh back. The brand is proud of its line of stylish and supportive chairs that fits most body types. Ergohuman also boasts that it is the preferred seat by most Fortune 500 companies


The image below summarizes some of the Ergohuman chair’s parts. As you can see, the seat is designed to keep the neck and back areas perfectly comfortable while promoting proper posture. The aluminum support, frames, and base will also put your mind at ease – no unexpected falls with this chair.

Ergohuman Parts
The Ergohuman chair captures the essence of ergonomic computer gaming chairs with these well-thought out parts.

Aluminum Base, Back Support and Arm Frame – Aluminum is a lightweight but very strong material which makes the chair light yet sturdy enough to serve you for years to come.

Independent Headrest – The Ergohuman executive chair has an independently moving headrest. This configuration offers more seating position opportunities.

Adjustable and Synchronized Tilts and Rests

If you’re the kind of person who likes to recline in your seat, the seat tilt and backrest move in tandem to ensure that you can lean back a bit, while still protecting your neck—and don’t worry about slipping out of your seat and falling over, as it comes with a sturdy, 3-position tilt-lock mechanism. If you want more flexibility, you can simply adjust the chair’s tension control adjustment to control the amount force the chair will use to recline or sit up straight.

The lock positions can also be easily adjusted to reflect posture adjustments, ensuring that no matter how you’re seated in the Ergohuman chair, you will be comfortable all day!

Adjustable Seat Depth, Seat Height and Arm Height

Ergohuman Views

One of the biggest problems people face is being too tall or too short for a chair—no matter how nice or sturdy the materials may be, if it’s not something that can comfortably accommodate your physical dimensions, it’s not worth any amount of money you sink into it. The Ergohuman chair addresses this problem in a threefold manner:

  • First, by having pneumatic cylinders that can adjust and maintain your desired seat height so you stop straining your legs and rear;
  • Second, by making subtle adjustments through seat depth adjustments and synchro-tilt mechanisms, which allows more incremental change that can make a staggering difference in daily support;
  • And third, through adjustable arm height, which works to protect your hands and lower arms from straining themselves unnecessarily and giving rise to carpal tunnel syndrome or gamer’s wrist—definitely very useful features to have!

Thoughtful Design

Ergo Colors

This design comes in a variety of colors (blue, green, and red) beyond your standard office black, adding a personal touch to your selection procedure and increasing your aesthetic pleasure in your purchase. It’s also great that the chair is designed from mesh, which prevents sweat and dirt from clinging to your back and allows your skin to breath.

The back of the Ergohuman Mesh Chair is strong and sturdy, giving your upper and lower body the strong frame it needs even when it needs to support a lot of weight. The Ergohuman chair is designed to provide breathability and leaves you free to customize.


Some people may want a chair with more options to customize (i.e, Steelcase), which means the Ergohuman may feel somewhat inadequate for their needs. The mesh back is an issue by some as well – others prefer a leather of fabric finish because mesh is quite irritating to the skin after prolonged periods of sitting. Others may be turned off by the price tag, which is higher than those of some other chairs.

Our Two Cents

If you need to ditch your ratty old office chair for something new, why not replace it with something as amazing as the Ergohuman Mesh Chair? It’s definitely worth every bit of cash you’ll be paying, and you’ll be saving yourself a lifetime of back pain in the long run!

Lumbar health is more important than we think. From slouched, hunched backs that twinge, to the gradual development of slipped discs and lower body aches, getting a chair that can distribute your weight evenly across your body and offer a degree of comfort would go a long way towards protecting your health in the long run and keep you from feeling less fatigued. Fortunately, the Ergohuman Mesh Chair is just such a piece, with various features that make it quite versatile, useful and of great help to those who spend much of their time in front of a desk. Even those who only need a few hours to do work while sitting down will benefit greatly from it!

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The Ergohuman High Back Executive Chair

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