flash furniture high back executive chair

If you work and play on a seat for 8-12 hours in a day, here’s a classy comfort your rear deserves!

Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair boasts its stylish ergonomic design. To be honest, the best thing about this chair is its comfortable and sleek structure that is sure to support your back – from neck down to your feet. Its adjustable features add to the luxury of relaxation it can give. So if your jobs are mostly done sitting, just imagine the efficiency and productivity this little butt-rest has to offer. This is definitely one of the best gaming and office chairs around.

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Triple Paddle Control Mechanism

triple paddle control mechanism

This is the best feature this simple yet elegant office seat has to offer.

The triple paddle control lets you personalize your sitting needs. If you want it a little higher for your 5’7” (or taller) height, you can effortlessly adjust the chair’s back part with a simple flip of a lever. You can tilt it backward and forward – or straight back and reclined – with utmost ease. No matter what style you want to seat, this chair will definitely dance to the tune of your body.

Moreover, if you want to roll back and forth (perhaps for an exercise) even without attempting to stand, you can do it while sitting on this high back leather chair. Indeed, going to work has never been this pleasurable.

Pressurized Lumbar Support Knob

If you really want all-out comfort, the Flash Furniture high back leather chair amazingly customizes your satisfaction level by the pressurized lumbar support feature.

The lumbar spine area is your lower back spine. For a totally restful sitting and lying down posture, the lumbar area needs to be supported. Thanks to its pressurized lumbar support, you can actually relax while working. You can now say good-bye to back pains with this office chair!

pressurized lumbar support and nylon armrests

Height Adjustable Padded Nylon Arms

Another beauty of this chair is its adjustable arms. You can make it higher if you want to ease some tension building up on your arms, hands, or wrists or make it lower to let your arms rest for a while. However, like any other product, there are some features that Flash Furniture could add in its arsenal. We would have wanted to make the arms adjustable forwards and backwards for increased custom options.

LeatherSoft Used For Added Softness and Durability

leather soft cover

To amplify the elegance this high back office chair shows, Flash Furniture utilizes LeatherSoft. The latter is a revolutionary new product that came from leather scraps that are bonded with polyurethane. Scratches and stains are easier to remove thanks to LeatherSoft.

One downside however – and some customers are actually complaining about this – is that the durability of the leather used on this office chair is a bit weak. Reports say that the covering peels off quite easily and is prone to getting damaged and punctured. On the flipside, other consumers are quite happy with the LeatherSoft feature. We figure that it might boil down to the seat’s actual use.


Although this is a very promising product, this office chair also possesses some things that are more on the negative side. Here’s a few:

Leather-Cover Peeling – According to our research, some people complain about the flimsiness of the leather used in the product’s manufacture. They say it peels off after a month of using. With proper and delicate usage, we believe that you will never have to purchase another one for a long, long time.

Unhelpful Manual – The manual, undauntedly, is not that easy to comprehend. But with daily usage, product users will eventually recognize its mechanisms and functions.

Great For Your Back,Won’t Break Your Bank

This top gaming chair contender is, by all means, very satisfactory and exhibits a high quality office furniture. It promises a full back support to exempt you from spinal pains and reduce the anxiety siting for a long period can give.

Where You Can Get It

To assure that you actually receive your orders and in good form, you can order from Amazon. This includes free shipping and returns with no sales tax. The chair also has 527 reviews averaging at 4/5 and has 145 answered questions. This is absolutely a popular chair among office workers and gamers alike.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair