Flash Furniture High Back Vinyl Executive Office Chair Review

Flash Furniture Vinyl Gaming Chair Review

Picking a good chair for your back which will give you a degree of ease and comfort all throughout the day is not easy. With the sheer variety of models on the market, it’s tough to see what really makes one stand out from the rest and is worth shelling out money for. But if you’re looking for something that will keep you comfy no matter how long you have to work—whether it’s for home use or at the office, this offering from Flash Furniture – High Back Vinyl Executive Office Chair – is certainly a top pick.

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High Back Ergonomic Design

A primary consideration should always be the lumbar support you’ll get from your seat. No matter how affordable a chair is, if you’re going to be slouching and aching in it, there’s really no point in sinking cash into it. The sturdy cushion and curved, molded back that gives a great deal of spinal support will reduce any stress in your neck. It also spells a huge difference in terms of your lower body health because your legs will no longer have to put up with the tension diffused all throughout hunched posture.

Adjustable Seat Height To Level Out Overall PositionHigh Back Executive Vinyl Chair

Apart from the well-known back problems that can plague those without ergonomic design chairs, making your own chair fit your proportions will go a long way towards optimizing your work and leisure hours while you’re sitting. There’s a pneumatic seat adjustment paddle right below this model which can then be brought higher or lower—ensuring that you can get  your feet flat on the floor, crucial for leg and ankle support, which often go overlooked in our day to day routine, but can radically lower the levels of aches and pains there.

Lean And Lock System For Flexibility

If you want to recline, this chair also comes with a lever that you can use to make it lean back—perfect for a power nap in between things to do! The lock system ensures you won’t fix yourself hurtling backward, and it can support a weight of up to 250 pounds.

Sleek And Sporty Look With Vinyl Upholstery

No clunky, chunky designs here either—the footrest and body are a unified, clean black, interrupted only by the red pipeline detail. The vinyl upholstery is soft and gives it a professional finish that can be absent from some ergonomic chairs. What’s more, this means that it’s easy to clean—vinyl only needs a clean cloth with a bit of soap and water to make it look as good as new again.


Some people have complained about the upholstery—vinyl does have a tendency to be less breathable than fabric covers, but it does come with the trade-off that vinyl is also waterproof, so it’s a matter of which feature you’d rather have. It may peel off, but with good care, it should last you for a long, long time. Additionally, others don’t really like the firmness of the cushion for the bottom—it’s meant to provide gluteal support, but if you really want a cushy, sink-in-your-seat kind of bottom, this is not that kind of chair. The manual may be a little hard to understand, but over time you can easily become familiar with the workings and parts of this model.


Overall, this Flash Furniture chair is a reasonably priced and cozy option. If you buy this seat, you can expect high levels of comfort and support—so much so that you end up snoozing on it in your downtime! It’s definitely a keeper.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The Flash Furniture High Back Black Vinyl Executive Office Chair

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