Herman Miller Aeron Chair (PostureFit) Review

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Finding a chair that will suit your everyday use and needs is not an easy task. With the sheer number of options available, featuring every newfangled option under the sun, in every color and material you could ever even think of, what could possibly be the right chair model for you? One very strong candidate for this position is the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. If you haven’t narrowed down your search yet to that final choice, consider the fact that this chair has many excellent functions and parts which are fuss-free, reliable and easy to use.

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Durability That You Can Always Count On

herman miller durability

If one of the reasons why you’re shopping around for a chair is because your old one had parts that snapped or it degraded easily, you’re not going to have that problem with the Aeron chair. This model is made from mostly recycled materials, but even if there are parts that get loads of wear and tear, these are easy to recycle and replace. The chair is also made from a suspension membrane that easily outperforms your standard fabric covers, creating breathability and reducing heat buildup in your body.

The Aeron also comes with a 12 year warranty that ensures that each chair gets the proper maintenance it needs. It’s better to invest more money in a sturdy chair of good quality, than keep replacing your cheap chairs because they improperly support your weight or make your body ache.

Excellent Lumbar Support Mechanisms

back support mechanism

It’s never too early to start thinking about doing something to correct your posture, as hunching over puts a lot of weight on your spine and is a strong indicator that your chair is not the right fit for your physical dimensions. This ends up wreaking havoc on your lower lumbar area, your neck and even your lower arms and wrists—before you know it, you may have to pop painkillers for a condition that is perfectly preventable.

The Kinemat tilt allows you to control the pivot of your limbs and your back comfortable, while staying in place to ensure that there’s no fear of falling over—so if you feel your Aeron making you tilt forward a little bit, that’s just the support mechanism to follow the natural curve of your spine, while remaining firm enough to keep your body steady and properly aligned.

Customizable Support Kits

support kits

This particular model already comes fitted out with the PostureFit Support Kit—this added part creates more support at the base of the spine, resulting in the disappearance of lower back pain. You can order one that is precisely fitted to the chair size of the Aeron you purchased, so there won’t be any loose wiggly bits. Sitting up straight won’t be a problem thanks to this.

There’s also another optional support kit in case you’re interested: the Lumbar Support Kit is a flexible bar where you can choose a thinner or thicker pad which will align itself to your spine’s natural curve, providing a strong yet comfortable cushion for your lumbar area that makes sitting down particularly cozy for those who like to recline while they work—definitely an A+ feature!



The Aeron Chair comes in three stylish colors that will suit any office or gaming room design – carbon classic, blue-black tuxedo, and classic zinc. All styles and support kits are available in Amazon, one of the most trusted online retailers in the world.


Ergonomic design, patented technology that has resulted in better posture and better back health, long hours free of aches and pains…these are things that the Aeron from Herman Miller can give you. Yes, the price tag may be a bit steeper than most, but you definitely get what you pay for if you choose to purchase this chair. I would strongly recommend this.

Read More User Reviews and Purchase The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

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