How To Find The Right Ergonomic Gaming Chair

how to find the right ergonomic chair

Maximizing your comfort is key when you’re a gamer—imagine the sheer number of hours you’ll be spending sitting down in front of the computer. Prioritizing good posture and coziness will go a long way towards preventing any pain or lumbar damage, as well as the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, so choosing one’s seat is essential to protecting your health in the long run.

Know Your Body

If you know your body, you’ll have an easier time picking the perfect gaming chair for you. There are just a few body dimensions you need to know so get a tape measure (or a ruler) and measure the following:

  • The distance between the back of your knees to your back while sitting (for seat depth)
  • The distance between your knee and the floor when sitting (for chair height)
  • The distance between your butt and head (for seat height)

Seat Specs and Features



Choose a gaming chair that have the ability to naturally glide or recline. This enables you to rest your sitting bones, particularly your lumbar spine area while still comfortably gaming. Recline-ability also allows you to reach your keyboard without putting strain on your back, arms, and even eyes.

We features some ergonomic gaming seats here that have the ability to recline as much as 170 degrees – we especially recommend DXRacer chairs because their seat structure actually forces you to sit properly.

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Seat and Chair Height

r series measurements

One of the biggest factors is your own body dimensions. Taller people are not as comfortable as someone shorter in the same chair, so keep in mind what some consider the general rule of thumb when looking for a gaming chair: the optimal seat height is about a quarter of your body height. It helps if the seat height is adjustable for the chair as well, so if you’re done playing on the computer and someone needs to use it—someone who isn’t your height—it can readily be fixed up in no time to make them comfortable as well. A seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor is generally a good height for an ergonomic chair. If you can keep your feet flat and your thighs horizontal and parallel to the floor, that gaming seat is ideal for you.

Seat Depth, Size, and Material

leather material

Seat depth, size, and material are also important. Again, more cushioning has a tendency to elevate the user, so think about that when you pick a chair. The material will also determine how much force will be absorbed from your lower body and how far you’ll sink into the seat itself, so choosing an extra-soft seat may not necessarily lead to maximum comfort. Make sure the seat material itself is also breathable to prevent skin irritation. The size of the seat is a preference that works with the entire structure, such as the arm rests, but as a general rule, give your bottom some wiggle room so that you don’t feel too cramped in your chair. Another useful tip to remember is to have at least 3 or 4 fingers width distance between the back of your knees to front edge of the seat.

Armrestsarmrest adjustability

Armrests are optional, but for those who do want to have armrests for their seat, these should be adjustable and be spaced well enough from the seat that your lower arm and elbow are lightly resting, but do not hamper your forearms and hands from letting you reach and play in comfort. The armrests should also have some degree of flexibility and rotatability—like the rest of your seat—so that reaching out to get different things or adjust your computer setup won’t be a problem. Your forearms should also be parallel to the floor while you’re playing in your seat, otherwise you’ll place undue stress on your hands and wrists. DXRacer chairs have adjustable armrest ranging from the height-adjustable ones to the ones adjustable in 5-dimensions.

Lower Back (Lumbar) Support

Having a great lumbar support is an entirely different world of comfort. A good ergonomic chair will also have a solid backrest that will provide support in your lumbar area—your lower back—and keep you from slouching too much. If your backrest is adjustable, it should be able to accommodate your body properly when you change the incline, as well as have a proper locking mechanism to prevent unfortunate accidents.

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Stability and Mobility

stability and mobility

Get a stable chair as well. Most would recommend a five-point base. Do consider if you’re the kind of person who wants to move their chair about a little bit when they play, as that would mean you need a chair with casters or wheels, making a fixed chair out of the question.


This might already be outside the realm of showing you how to find the right ergonomic gaming chair but do consider your budget when buying a gaming chair. Sure, you’ve found the perfect ergonomic seat for your body, but is it, ahem, “ergonomic” for your wallet? In the end, the choice is up to you but you should pick (and pay) for a price that you think is a worthwhile investment for your health. Also, don’t forget to leave some budget for shipping or installation costs, if there’s any.

Where You Can Buy Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

Of course you can head over to your local Staples, but we prefer and recommend that you purchase your ergonomic chairs online – it’s simply a seamless and hassle-free experience for you. We also recommend that you buy from Amazon.

Over To You, My Health-Conscious Gamer Friend

Now, that I’ve put as much info as I can on the table, I am now confident that you can make the right decision on choosing the perfect ergonomic gaming chair. If you don’t know where to start, let me direct you our (currently) best pc gaming chair here.

Note: All image credit goes to the DXRacer official website.

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