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Whether you’re a hardcore gaming fanatic who plays every day for 8 hours or just a casual gamer who works hard and then plays hard, a comfortable and ergonomic throne is a definite must-have. This sole reason is why MyComputerGamingChair.com brought you our Quintessential Computer Gaming Chairs Buyer’s Guide so you can discover the perfect gaming seat for your ever-important back and butt.

This time I wanted to list down and show you the top 10 PC gaming chairs that you can buy right now. These seats have been reviewed by a lot of people already – gamers and office workers alike – and only received the highest of ratings. In fact, some of these PC gaming chairs are best sellers in their own categories. With this article, I you easily find your way to the ultimate PC gaming chair.

Best PC Gaming Chair:

Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Color Varieties

The best thing about the Steelcase Leap chair is that it is feature-rich with innovative technology that enables it to be compatible to almost any weight and height. We especially love their Liveback technology that allows the backseat to mimic the curvature of your spine as well as their Natural Glide System that allows you to seamlessly recline without straining any part of your body. All the bells and whistles…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read more about our review here, or click the button below to see more information.

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Best Budget Alternative:

Flash Furniture High Back Chair

Flash Furniture Style Variants

The Flash Furniture High Back is an amazing office chair as well as a PC gaming chair. It provides you with just the right amount of cushion and support while its triple paddle control offers multiple adjustment options – seat recline, seat height, and armrest positioning are just a lever pull away. It looks damn stylish too, and you can choose from several color and style variants! If DXRacers are a tad bit beyond your monetary outreach, this gaming chair is an awesome alternative. Read our complete review or click the button below and…

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Best PC Gaming Chair Under $100:

High Back PU Leather Ergonomic Chair

HighBack PU Leather Ergonomic Chair

Indeed, this is a cheap chair, but don’t be fooled – the High Back PU leather can support weights of up to 250lbs! It is also quite adjustable compared to PC gaming chairs within its price range. The angle of recline and seat height can easily be adjusted with a pull of a lever, much like the Flash Furniture High Back’s. It is quite stylish too – people wouldn’t even know that it’s a chair that under a hundred bucks! If you’re on a really tight budget and looking for a comfortable chair to place your butt on, this one fits the bill perfectly. You can read our complete review here or you can click the button below.

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Runner Ups

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

boss black executive chair

Soft and sophisticated, the ergonomic design of this model makes it a great PC gaming chair. It comes with pneumatic seat adjustment, and is covered in black LeatherPlus, which is easy to clean with a bit of soap and water—no laundering necessary. It’s also not a hassle to assemble unlike most PC gaming chairs and requires no additional tools to put together. The waterfall seat design allows an even distribution of weight along the base and makes the whole thing stable, and the adjustable tilt tension control means it’s perfect if you want to recline from time to time in between rounds. Overall, a great choice. You can read our complete review here.

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SPACE Seating Professional Chair


This model from Office Star is another solid pick for a PC gaming chair: its eco leather and mesh sides mean that the design is quite breathable, so you won’t feel sticky or sweaty no matter how long you sit there. The arms are adjustable according to your height, and are comfortably padded with polyurethane—this is crucial for good wrist support, to prevent developing carpal tunnel syndrome or “gamer’s wrist” if you play for a protracted period of time. The pneumatic seat height adjustment means that no matter how sits there, you can adjust it so that all users are comfortable—definitely a valuable feature. Read our complete review here.

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Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Swivel Chair

Alera Elusion High Back Mesh Chair

This compact and cozy Alera office seat can also double as a PC gaming chair—one of the best features it has is its multi-function mechanism, which allows you to adjust your back angle adjustment relative to the seat itself—ideal for neck comfort—as well as change the tilt from free floating to infinite locking position to modify reclining but maintain stability. The breathable mesh back will keep your skin cool, and while it doesn’t have a separate lumbar support, the curved design of the chair makes it just as good for protecting your lower body, as the curve can be modified to fit your back.

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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller with PostureFitAeron Chair by Herman Miller with PostureFit

Though at a higher price point than some of the others reviewed here, this Herman Miller product would make an excellent choice for a PC gaming chair. Its various locks and adjustments allow for a customizable experience in terms of tilt, angle, height adjustment and tension control, with equally adjustable arms that means virtually anybody can make use of this chair. Its cool, classic design and graphite frame is just a plus, as its awesome lumbar support pad means 12 hours of furious keyboard punching will go by with minimal pain. Your back and lower body will definitely thank you.

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AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

AmazonBasics MidBack Office Chair

A reasonably-priced model and a top seller on Amazon, this ergonomic office seat will ease any tension and stress on your body while you work, which makes it another good option for those looking for a PC gaming chair. It has a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds, so it can handle most users with ease, and the padded seat and back will allow you to sink in and enjoy your game in style. The dual wheel casters will help you maintain a stable position, even as you wish to move and reach around your setup. It’s quite the deal!

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Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Chair

Serta Air Health and Wellness

Serta’s offering has incredibly luxurious ergo layered body pillows, which will give you the ultimate playing experience involving little to no lower back and neck stress. Its best feature, the Air kinetic lumbar readily adapts to your body and posture to give it the support it needs, which is especially suited to those who love to engage in gaming marathons. Though it’s a softie, it can carry quite a bit of weight—up to 350 pounds. It also has the pneumatic lift option that will help you keep your feet flat on the floor so you can sit with ease in this PC gaming chair.

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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair

This model has a strong nylon base for optimum stability; paired with its ergonomic curve design, this makes it another solid pick in your search for a PC gaming chair. The mesh back ensures that you won’t trap any moisture from sweat, and the adjustable fold-up arms and seat height make for easy customizing so you won’t feel cramped no matter how long you will be seated. The arms are padded to help diffuse any arm and wrist stress. A bonus? The cushion is made from flame-retardant foam. Looks incredible, keeps your body supported and won’t break the bank upon purchase—what more could you ask for?

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Take Your Pick

That’s MCGC’s top 10 PC gaming chairs. We’ve made choosing easier for you so what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT and pick a chair!